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Structure of these pages (click here to see the full tree structure)

These pages are written and maintained by Maarten Bullynck. On these pages on can find some of my articles and less strictly written texts, musings and ponderings, as well as some documentary materials. Structurally these pages mainly consist of three parts:
1) A presentation of my scientific output (see about);
2) a more or less static "encadrement" of these pages, touching upon my hobby horse themes, that can be accessed through left hand menu or the top menu;
3) a more dynamic part of these pages, playing around with these same hobby-horses, though with less sérieux, and less annotations.
It is the aim to contribute once a week to this 3rd part, writing an essay, in the original sense of a try-out of ideas. All these essays can be accessed through ideas in the top menu, the latest essay will be accessible through the semi-blog entry in the left hand menu.

Programme of these pages

These pages are devoted to the various forms of communication, both their historical and their actual realisations. Not so much the physical substrata of communication, but foremost the encodings for communication in these substrata is the main object of study and research. Getting discrete signals to another place in time is by all standards a non-trivial task, for which various devices have been developed. However, strictly speaking, every act of communication is signed by incompleteness, noise and shifting encodings. Let's name them incommensurabilities of communication.

These then, the incommensurabilities, are what these page are about -- going through the historical phases of physical communication devices (voice, metrum, and text, txt), searching for encodings, both the everyday one of a natural language, as that of a specialised one, as arithmetics offers.