Design of the Website

Two main pages function as access gates to Lambert's works, a chronological list of his work , and a thematically ordered list of his work . From these pages the papers and books in question can be clicked on, linking to a page that describes the paper or book. In general, links to a webpage are indicated with the icon , links to (pdf-)documents are indicated by the icon .

This site uses the following index notation for Lambert's papers and books: L1770d refers to the fourth paper/book published in the year 1770. Using this notation, there is for each paper or book a separate html-page (L17XXy.html) that contains informations on this paper or book. On these pages one finds the dates of conception (if known), of writing and of publication, the source of publication and a short description of the paper's contents or of the book's contents (sometimes per chapter).
Two kind of links to documents will in most cases be found on these pages: Links to a pdf-version of the paper or book in question (about 90% is available on this site), and links to contemporary review(s) of the paper/book in question. These reviews are taken from the following journals: Allgemeine deutsche Bibliothek (abbreviated as ADB), Göttingische Gelehrte Anzeigen (GGA), and the Nova Acta Eruditorum (NAE).

The pdf-files of Lambert's papers/books have been produced using resources available freely online. We want to thank the digital libraries of the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften ; the University of Strasbourg ; Google ; University of Göttingen ; University of Munich ; University of Bielefeld ; Bibliothèque Nationale de France ; European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO)  for the permission to use these documents.
The provenance of the digitized documents is indicated with a superscript number. Each number corresponds with a digital library, the list can be found in the footer of each page.