Die Wissenschaften, ein Traum 

Year of Conception:    ?
Year of Writing:             1761?
Year of Publication:     1761/1762

Utopian literature

Die Wissenschaften, ein Traum. Basel, 1761.(5)


This little pamphlet appeared anonymously, its publication date is given as 1761, though other editions exist that indicate 1762. It has been surmised (by G. Wolters) that Lambert is its author. In the Monatsbuch the "Traktätchen" is mentioned March 1762.
It has, however, recently been found out that Wolters' speculation is wrong. Niels Bokhove of the Lambert-Editionsstelle found out that the real author is Ernst Gottlieb Woltersdorf, a preacher (1725-1761). The entry in the Monatsbuch thus refers to Lambert's reading of the pamphlet.