Cosmologische Briefe über die Einrichtung des Weltbaues 

Year of Conception:    June 1760
Year of Writing:             1760
Year of Publication:     1761

Philosophy, Astronomy

Cosmologische Briefe über die Einrichtung des Weltbaues. Augsburg, 1761.(2) 

Lettes Cosmologiques sur l'organisation de l'univers, ecrites en 1761 par J.H. Lambert, traduites de l'allemand par Mr. Darquier. (1770) Second augmented edition par J.M.C. d'Utenhove, Amsterdam: Hulst, 1801.(7) 
The System of the world, by M. Lambert. Translated from the French by James Jacque. London: Vernor and Hood, 1800.(3) 


In the form of a dialogue, Lambert takes up various issues in cosmology, explaining known things in a simple, popular way, and forwarding a set of more general cosmological speculations. The best-known of these is the idea that the stars around us also revolve around a fixed point, and their they are part of a milky way - the idea later known as the Kant-Laplace universe.
GGA 1761, 211-213(4)