Essai d'hygrométrie, ou sur la mesure de l'humidité  

Year of Conception:    Nov.-Dec. 1768
Year of Writing:            January 1769
Year of Publication:    1769/1771

Experimental physics, Hygrometry

Essai d'hygrométrie, ou sur la mesure de l'humidité. Mémoires de l'Académie royale des sciences de Berlin, année 1769/1771, 68-127.(1)

Herrn Prof. Lamberts Hygrometrie oder Abhandlung von den Hygrometern. Augsburg: Klett, 1774(3)


First of two essays on hygrometry, pursuing Lambert's early (1755-1756) empirical work on meteorology. Using the data obtained on hygrometers put in his own quarters end of 1768, Lambert plots his results and tries to derive formulae for the evaporation of water. The objective is to find criteria that allow to build a trustworthy and corresponding hygrometer. Another part of the paper is devoted to a discussion of different hygrometers.

Reviews: ADB 1771, 200-201(6) ; GGA 1771, 1072-1073(4)