Zusätze zu den logarithmischen und trigonometrischen Tabellen  

Year of Conception:    ?
Year of Writing:            Aug.-Nov. 1769
Year of Publication:    1770

Mathematical Tables, Number Theory

Zusätze zu den logarithmischen und trigonometrischen Tabellen, zur Erleichterung und Abkürzung der bey Anwendung der Mathematik vorfallenden Berechnungen. Berlin.(4)

Supplementa tabularum logarithmicarum et trigonometricarum, edited by Anton Felkel. Lisbon: Royal Academy of Sciences, 1798.(3)


This collection of mathematical tables contains a list of factor of all number under 101.000, a list of prime number under that same limit, hyperbolic trigonometric tables, tables of squares, cubes and solutions to certain equations etc. In the long preface, the construction and use of these tables is explained. This publication marks the beginning of Lambert's table project that engaged many amateur-computers to extend this collection. The introduction to the factor table may also be seen as an important attempt to found a theory of primality and factorisation.

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