Observations sur l'encre et le papier

Year of Conception:    ?
Year of Writing:            May 1770
Year of Publication:    1770/1772

Observations sur l'encre et le papier. Nouveaux Mémoires de l'Académie royale des sciences de Berlin, année 1770/1772, 58-67.(1)

Beobachtungen über die Dinte und das Papier. Neues Hamburgisches Magazin oder gesammlete Schriften, zum Unterricht und Vergnügen, aus der Naturforschung und den angenehmen Wissenschaften überhaupt, Band 13, 1773, 263-280.(3)


Because a lot of Lambert's manuscripts became unreadable through water damage during the time they were stored in Switzerland before being transported to Berlin, Lambert goes into the causes of ink and paper degeneration. Through experimentation Lambert arrives at the kind of ink and paper that withstands humidity best.

Reviews: ADB 1773, 94-95(6) ; GGA 1773, 4(4)