Suite de l'essai d'hygrométrie

Year of Conception:    1771-1772
Year of Writing:             November 1772
Year of Publication:     1772/1774

Experimental Physics, Hygrometry
Suite de l'essai d'hygrométrie. Nouveaux Mémoires de l'Académie royale des sciences de Berlin, année 1772/1774, 65-102.(1)

Herrn Prof. Lamberts Fortsetzung der Hygrometrie oder Abhandlung von den Hygrometern. Augsburg: Klett, 1775.(3)


Second essay on Hygrometry, collecting the meteorological observations of Lambert himself and these of Felbiger and a friend of Brander. These results are displayed in a graph of which Lambert gives a rather qualitative analysis. Discussion on how to render hygrometers correspondent.

Reviews: ADB 1774, 15(6) ; GGA 1774, 1157(4)