Logische und Philosophische Abhandlungen

Year of Conception:    -
Year of Writing:            1752-1754
Year of Publication:    1782 & 1787

Logic, Philosophy
Publication: Logische und Philosophische Abhandlungen, Hrsg. von Joh. Bernoulli. Dessau, 2 Bände. Band 1(3) ; Band 2


A  collection in two volumes of posthumous writings on logic and philosophy by Lambert, edited by Johann III Bernoulli. The first volume contains the "Sechs Versuche einer Zeichenkunst in der Vernunftlehre", which Lambert had written down during the years 1752-1754. Further fragments, aphorisms in the spirit of the Neues Organon are included, as well as a selection of Lambert's logical reviews for the ADB.

Reviews: ADB 1783, 327-338(6) ; GGA 1783, 226-231(4)