Observationes variae in mathesin puram

Year of Conception:    December 1753 and August 1755
Year of Writing:             February 1757
Year of Publication:     1758

Theory of Numbers

Observationes variae in mathesin puram. Acta Helveticae physico-mathematico-anatomico-botanico-medica, Band III, 128-168.(3)


Originally planned as a treatise on decimal periods (Dec. 1753), Lambert developed this theme over the year 1754, but in Aug. 1755 decided to add his ideas on trinomials and their solution methods to the treatise. It was written in the clear 1757 and sent to the Acta Helvetica. Many topics developed in this paper, that contains some of the most important mathematical ideas Lambert ever conceived, were pursued in later years.
GGA 1758, 1399-1402(4)