Photometria sive de mensure et gradibus luminis colorum et umbra

Year of Conception:    April 1755
Year of Writing:            Aug.-Nov. 1757 and Nov. 1759- Mar. 1760
Year of Publication:    1760



Photometria sive de mensure et gradibus luminis colorum et umbra. Basel, 1760.(2)


Lambert's Photometrie, deutsch herausgegeben von E. Anding. Leipzig: Engelmann, 1892.(3)
Photométrie ou De la mesure et de la gradation de la lumière, des couleurs et de l'ombre, traduit par Jean Boye, Joseph Couty, Michel Saillard. Paris: Vrin, 1997.
Photometry, or, On the measure and gradations of light, colors, and shade, translated by David L. DiLaura. New York : Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, 2001.


Lambert performed his first photometic experiments April 1755. Augustus to November 1757 Lambert extensively read on optics (Euler, Kästner) and started writing the Photometria. He continued the writing November 1759 to March 1760, having seen a copy of Bouguer's work on the measure of light in Holland (Mai 1758).
The work proposes to develop a measure and measuring methods for the intensity of light.

Reviews: GGA 1760, 1010-1013(4) ; NAE 1760, 564-578(7)